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I Am Auna Salomé, The Heart Magick Creatrix, Transcultural Inspirational Creator.

I create Goods for Goodness, to channel the creative energy that flows through me and share my Heart Magick Mastery with others.

I paint, write, design textiles and talismans. I also do photography, printmaking and collage.

I was born in Strasbourg, France. My father is Hungarian and my mother French Caribbean. I grew up in France and Guadeloupe, French West Indies and attended college at the University of Detroit when I was recruited to lead the fencing team and offered a four-year full scholarship. I graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in Advertising and a minor in Religious Studies, I received the Most Valuable Fencer Award four years in a row and the Most Valuable Student-Athlete Award my senior year. 

I have worked in corporate America: in Advertising at Young & Rubicam Detroit. MI, in TV post-production at Discovery Latin America, in Miami, FL, and my last full time job was as Senior Communications Writer and Photographer with HBO, NY. In parallel, I have been a creative entrepreneur for many years, first as owner of and producer at a film/video production company In Guadeloupe and South Beach, FL, later as designer for a line of baby organic clothing and yoga mat bags in Brooklyn, NY, and Berkeley, CA. I then became a certified advanced flower essence practitioner, energy healer and life coach in Santa Barbara, CA.

I made the decision a few years ago to simplify my life and combine my art making and transformational energy by infusing all my creations with the Energy of The Highest Good for All, and thus started wildly sharing my Heart Magick Mastery. Today, I create original works in a variety of media: illustration, embroidery, printmaking, writing, textile design, photography, painting. My creative scope is as boundless as my imagination and the golden flow of aliveness that pours through my being. Everything that I make holds the intention of uplifting, inspiring, delighting and bringing the one experiencing my art closer to their own unique essence and truth, so they may dive deeper into the joy and freedom of self- expression.

I am open to collaborations. I occasionally lead workshops. I love spending time in nature, reading, dancing, traveling and laughing.


The Heart is the Command Central of your Being.
You discover the ways to live from the Heart by practicing Heart Magick Mastery.
Aligned with the Highest Good of All, your life now becomes the pure creative expression of your True Self.