Conversations Françaises

French Conversations for International Travelers, Multi-Culture Lovers and Global Style Seekers



  • Are planning a trip to France…

  • Longingly remember a wonderful time spent in Paris…

  • Are in love with French Culture, Style and Joie de Vivre…

  • Might have studied a la Sorbonne, want to brush up on your French or simply enjoy exchanging en français…

  • Wherever you are on the spectrum of French Speaking, you would love to sit at a café with a French friend and converse, dans la langue de Molière, about culture, food, travel or life experiences, while sipping on a chocolat chaud and nibbling on a fresh croissant. You want to brush up on your skills and become more confident in exchanging with natives on your next voyage. You seek a deeper understanding of the exciting multiculturalism of today’s world. You are interested in discovering your place in the global market!



  • I was born in Strasbourg, France, where I until the age of 5. I grew up in Guadeloupe, a French Caribbean island, of which my mother is a native. Along with my Hungarian father and younger sister, we often traveled through the Americas and spent many summers on road-trips across Europe.

  • I speak fluent French, English, Creole and Spanish, as well as some Portuguese and Hungarian. I was an official translator for various International Fencing tournaments, including the Panamerican Championships.

  • I am trained in the Dartmouth Method and was a French tutor to evening business students throughout my US college years. I have also taught French through songs and drawing to children at OrcaSchool in Santa Barbara, CA.

  • I am passionate about connecting people and cultures and spreading the energy of Unity, across man-made barriers. I love sharing personal style and optimal living ideas, while helping you widen your perspective of the world!


Welcome to Francophone Culture Connection!


Bonjour! I offer one-on-one Conversations Françaises during which we’ll discuss fun topics of your choice as I guide you in solidifying your basics of French speaking and deepening your knowledge of the language. Beyond book knowledge, you will learn proper intonation and pronunciation, as well as the rhythm of speech and vernacular that is natural to the native French. You will become confident in expressing yourself and connecting with locals on your next trip.

  • Each Conversation Française is 45 minutes long and takes place at a local café, on a nature walk or in the privacy of your home.

  • The introductory Conversation Française where we will get acquainted is priced at $55.

  • From there on, you can reserve your private Conversation Française, one at a time or in discounted series.

    (The consistency of regular meetings is necessary in order to rapidly build up your proficiency for an upcoming trip.)

  • 5x Conversation Française = $255

  • 10x Conversation Française = $495

  • I also host Conversations Françaises de Groupe, with 2-5 participants, upon request. The price varies depending on the size of the group.

  • Virtual Conversations Françaises are also available, on Skype.

Let’s connect and have our first Conversation Française!

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