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Heart Magick For Your Space

When Heart Magick fills your Space, emanating from the original creations I design to bring Beauty and Creative Energy into your life, the atmosphere of your environment becomes Sacred.

Original Art- Large Acrylic Paintings on Paper

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This ceremonial "incense" is the crystallized sap of a tree called "gaumier" (gum tree). It is related to Frankincense, Myrrh or Copal, and has similar properties. Its smoke clears the atmosphere of dense energies, calms the mind before meditation and helps you connect deeply with your Heart before a session of creative self-expression.
It is sustainably hand-harvested in the tropical forests of the island of Guadeloupe, in the French Caribbean, and offers you the experience of feeling rooted into the Heart of Earth. 

This I AM Porte-Bonheur is infused with the energy of The Highest Good For All and pure Golden Light. It is attuned to the Heart Magick frequency of I AM, rooted in Self-Love. Repeating the mantra I AM develops one's Heart Power as a Sovereign Enlightened Human Being.

Porte-Bonheur I AM
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I delight in creating custom art pieces to adorn your space, please contact me if you would like to order a commission.