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Heart Magick For Your Style

Living from the Essence of your Heart inspires you to Express your Uniqueness through your everyday style. My Heart Magick clothing and accessories make your Heart sing and remind you of Who You Truly Are!

I Create one-of-a-kind Talismans to keep you connected to your Heart and your Essential Truth.

I Design original Textile Patterns that are available on a variety of clothing items and everyday objects.

I also create Custom Heart Magick Garments to embody the Super Power-full Energy of the wearer.


My Bijoux are hand-crafted necklaces infused with Heart Magick and the Intention of the Highest Good for All.

I source natural earth materials (seeds, stones, clay and glass beads, crystals, resins, shells, wood) from places that I feel a powerful shamanic resonance with, being energetically connected to these sacred spot through my ancestral lineage (The French Caribbean, West Africa, Ethiopia, Mongolia, The Himalayas, Eastern Europe, South American Amazon, Aboriginal Australia, Indigenous North America).

Each Bijoux is created as guided by my Heart, in an atmosphere of Creative Fire. They are infused with potent Heart Magick for the Highest Good of All, and my intention is that the wearer feels a deep connection to her/his Heart as well as to the Heart of the Earth, resulting a grounded feeling of Peace and Trust.

Note: You have the option to receive a Personal Activation of this Bijoux, to support you with the intention of you Heart in this Now (examples of Heart Intentions can be: Peace, Trust, Joy, Abundance, Connection, Creativity, ect).

New Talismans/ Summer Solstice 2016

Caribbean Island Collection


I am always deeply touched by what the wearers of my Heart Magick share about their personal experience, and it is my great joy to create sacred jewelry or a shamanic suit that expresses the highest truth of your Heart.

"A gift is an energy exchange, and energy is meant to flow. A gift is a true gift only if the person who receives it also gives it to others. Heart Magick Mastery is a true gift. It helps keep me in the flow. It reminds me to get out of my own way as I sow my heart's true intentions in my world. It comes from a place of truth: a loving and creative heart. And so it speaks to mine. It's the gift that keeps giving because it helps me show up for myself and others in love and compassion."


"What Auna has made for me is a physical representation of a spirit guide, a thing of animal-istic, totemic, shamanic power.  When it was being made, I found a hawk sitting on top of my car.  Since she has delivered it to me, my professional career has absolutely taken off. I am connected to an energy that can fly high above with great vision.  Thank you Auna."

- Red Falcon