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Art on Yoga Pants

Wear Heart Royality-infused + Hand-created Artwork  ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸  ➸ ➸ ➸  ➸ ➸ ➸  ➸ ➸ ➸  ➸ ➸ ➸  ➸ ➸ ➸  ➸ ➸  Express your Unique Style!

The Goddess Trinity Series

is a series of three paintings each embodying and depicting a particular energy of the Divine Feminine grounded in Power, Grace and Love.

The Creatrix - $53.33

The Matrix - $53.33

The Island Fervor Collection

Inspired by Sacred Geometry and the Divine Design that permeates everything in Nature... See video below.

Desert Heart - $53.33

Liberated Soul - $53.33

SeaweedShadowPlay $53.33

The Inspiration for The Island Fervor Collection