What Do I Need, Now?


This  morning I received, during my meditation, the guidance to ask my Heart about the current status of my personal needs. 

It is easy to lose sight of what's essential for ourselves and get carried away in the current of our to-do list, others's expectations and  everyday life demands. And then, before we know it, we are living a life that doesn't have much in common with our Heart's Desire. As we unconsciously disconnect from what is truly important for our wellbeing, we are no longer living our Heart Royality, no longer on track with our purpose. 

I created years ago a tool to help me check in and realign with my Heart Star, the guiding energy of my life. This tool is a simple list of 12 items grouped in four main areas that represent our daily and Big Picture lives. I have used this list in many ways: to assess where I  spend my time/energy/ressources, to map out a vision at the beginning of the year or, as I did today, to evaluate my current personal needs.

A need is something that is necessary to us, the absence of which representing a significant lack. When it comes to our own needs, it is crucial that we be aware of what they are, how they might have change. We are dynamic beings, ever evolving and transforming, with requirements for every aspect of our wellbeing that also reshape over time. The more we pay attention to the energetics of our life experience, the less we are subject to being suddenly woken up by circumstances, being made conscious of something that requires our attention, a process that can be painful. 

When our needs are not acknowledged, when we do not spend time looking at our lives and our desires, those unexpressed energies sometimes have no choice but to surface through our shadow. Which means that we will seek to satisfy them in ways that might be destructive, causing sabotage, tensions or disruption in our relationships. People close to us might become scapegoats and act out those aspects of ourselves we are denying. There is no escaping energy, it will find a way to get our attention.

Best to be proactive, to invite in all aspects of ourselves to the table and have an open conversation.  By regularly tuning in and taking an inventory of our present state of being, we have the option to discover new information about ourselves, course-correct our choices and keep steering our life in the direction of of our highest good. 

And so as I sat my backyard bathing in the rising sun this morning, I got my markers out and created this new version of my helpful list, titling it What I Need, Now. My Heart rejoiced at the opportunity to be heard and promptly shared insights, some new, others recurring themes. I took notes, connected dots and noticed emerging patterns. I found out that I am currently being guided to connect with others, make new friends, widen my horizons. I also have a need to open up containers of time to explore my creative expression more freely, independent of ongoing projects. The need to travel and discover new natural vistas became very clear, as well as some more personal gentle demands from my soul.

As a result of this introspective exercise, I feel clearer, able to define and take actions steps that will satisfy the personal needs that were revealed too me today. This is something I plan on doing again soon, probably scheduling it in my planner for every season. I need to know my needs so I can decide how I will meet them and who I can ask for help in doing so. This is an essential element of the Heart Royality Lifestyle, where I give my Heart the wheel and enjoy the ride.

If you are interested in engaging your Heart into a similar process, you can create assist similar to mine. You will be able to refer to it every time you want to look at the Big Picture of your life to tune in, fine tune your relationship with yourself and upgrade to a higher frequency of Heart Royality. You will notice on the image that there is an arrow drawn, at the end of my list: it a focus point to sum up the guidance you received and condense the message into a few words, easy to remember, a personal mantra of sort.

Enjoy your clarifying process!

Equinox, Crystals and Heart Royality


A couple of days ago I was guided to clean up the crystal beings who live in my garden, in preparation for the upcoming Autumn Equinox (September 22), a pivotal astrological day to connect heart-to-heart with the Earth. As I was washing the quartz crystal in the photo, I noticed for the first time the rainbow that emanates from its center. I decide to bring it inside and keep it on my night stand. That evening it asked to be applied to my third eye. I have done so a few times since and have been having amazing experiences of clarity and full spectrum visioning!

The two huge rose quartz crystals in the background came into my life a decade ago in a most synchronistic way. They had been part of a larger rock that for years had traveled to many Native American ceremonies and was charged up with powerful heart healing energy. I was told that the crystal had recently asked to be broken up and shared. I received these two big chunks as well as many smaller ones that I gifted to my friends and clients. 

These pink beings have been instrumental in helping me develop a wonderfully strong relationship with my own heart. This connection has led over the years to the establishing of a through-line of communication along which inspired information is delivered from my Soul to my Head, via my Heart. This trusted exchange is now an everyday practice in my life and the foundation for all my choices- this is how I know the way to go in my daily affairs, the path to travel that is aligned with my personal Highest Good.

This way of living is what I now call my Heart Royality. It is the clear recognition that my Heart is the sovereign leader of my life and that, in the listening to its step-by-step guidance, the manifested reality that I experience unfolds.

Heart Royalty + Reality = Heart Royality ♥️👑