New Moon + Sun in Scorpio, November 7 @ 8:01am PT


The Cosmic Flow

New Moon + Sun in Scorpio, November 7 @ 8:01am PT

As we ground into the Earth, anchor into our Heart and breathe in the silence of the Stars, we are connecting with the Cosmic Flow and opening up to receive essential energetics. This transmission is encoded with the information we need to steer our choices in the direction of our Highest Good in this Now.

This most powerful, magical, new moon reveals to us the depth of our psyche, dredging up the layers of silts accumulated on the ocean floor of our unconscious, to be sifted through, exposed and composted. This is a time of deep transformation offering the potential to open us up into a new dimension of our beingness, if we are willing and able to look at what is now rising to the surface of our awareness, however uncomfortable the experience might be.

What is required of us is simple, profound and, most likely, ego-distablising. As always, we have a choice, as Life is patient and will find its way into our reality. The issue here being personal Power, it is however to our advantage to be proactive and invite in the change already underfoot, by being an engaged participant in the alchemical process currently taking place.

This is meant to be an adventure, meaning that it is ok to feel like we do not know what’s coming next. Keep it simple. Keep it grounded in the moment. Keep it close to your heart by remaining focused on your own personal experience, as every person is observing the out-picturing of reality that best suits their growth.

Going on an adventure requires abandoning the need for a map and trusting that we will be guided, one breath at a time, in the direction of our Highest Good. When stepping blinding in such a fashion, it is best to turn on our inner light, to pay attention to signs and symbols, to look up often at the stars in the night sky and to listen intently for the clues we need. Spend time alone, in nature, at the foot of tree, in the company of birds. Unlikely messengers sometimes drop lyrics, hints, invitations or warnings. Be prepared to take notes. Be prepared to be surprised. Be prepared to be taken on a road you didn’t know existed.

Enjoy the journey of discovering a yet unchartered territory of your reality. Be bold, be brave and believe that the Mystery will deliver you to an inner treasure. This spiritual voyage into expanding our personal power is paved with joy, creativity and heart connection… seek easy and grace, delight in beauty, give thanks for the bounty and rejoice in having the ability to create your Life, one conscious choice at a time!

An Allegory of Life

A poetic accompaniment to this edition of the Cosmic Flow

Life as a creative process embodied. 

Life as the physical experience of frequencies, distorted, amplified, transmitted, always in the hope of connection across cosmic tundras. 

Life as the repeated risk taken again and again, blindly searching for an escape route out of the madness. 

Life as the summoning of astral forces to straighten bent-over hearts rendered deaf by over-exposure to broken records. 

Life as the slamming of doors, the burning of bridges, the slinging of terminational proclamations and the drowning of anchors. 

Life as the recognition of resonance, the acceptance of presence, the voicing of the unspeakable. 

Life as the partaking of stories, the making of promises, the holding of confidences. 

Life as the abandoning of fake safety, the teetering on the edge of the cliff, the searing sensation of shattered dreams shards cutting through the veil of self-imposed illusion. 

Life as the holding of hands across distance, the invocation of unseen support, the trusting of the earth as immense container. 

Life as a flowing golden river, as waves of strengthening reminders and new words to build new worlds. 

Life. Unfolding. Sending out cosmic ripples. Asking nothing but to be received. Openly. Fully. 

And then Life, delivering the unimaginable. Straight from the realm of the gods, handing over one’s own spirit, gilded in truth, steeped in joy, adorned with jewels excavated from the depths only reachable by those desperate to take just one more breath.