Rainbow Bubble Joy Power


I got us some bubble wands and we’ve been blowing bubbles. It’s been so much fun!
Zahran says that bubbles represent pure innocence, they are untainted and untaintable. I agree.
Bubbles are magickal, they are light, they float up and away, they are free, impossible to catch.
They capture light, refract it and reflect rainbows. This photo is real, no filter applied.
I feel like blowing bubbles is breathing life into dreams and making them reality.
Bubbles look like angels, they bring us joy. They make me laugh and laugh and laugh.
And laughing makes me breathe.

And breathing makes me feel alive.

And feeling alive makes me aware of Love.
And being aware of Love makes it grow.

And when Love grows it seems like it is everywhere.

Go get yourself some bubble making joy power!