Conversations Françaises


I launched a new service a few weeks ago: Conversations Françaises: Inspiring Lessons For Jetsetters Who Want To Get Fluent French. I call it a service because it’s an offering from my business, but it is really an opportunity for me to share my life, my energy and my Heart Royality in a fresh and fun way.

I created this unique experience in response to the request I so often receive from people who might speak a little (or a lot) of French and want to brush up on their conversational skills for an upcoming trip... This is also for all those who are interested in multiculturalism and having exchanges with a global flavor, all in French.

I love being multicultural and have always felt at ease in the midst of any culture. Because I am a mix of European, Caribbean, West Africa, South American and more, I easily feel a sense of relatedness with other people, wether we speak the same language or not. I have always loved languages and am fluent in French, Creole, English and Spanish, while I understand Portuguese, Hungarian, and a some Italian. My family’s religious heritage is Catholic and Jewish and I minored in Eastern Religions in college, which adds to my embracing of all creeds and races.

This global perspective I was born into and have cultivated helps me see the world as a giant disco ball, with everyone shining their personal facet, their own unique fractal, a common space where we reflect each other’s light. I see myself as a bridge between cultures and I believe that the sense of alienation I felt as a child with no real sense of “home” and the deep desire that ensued to find my “tribe” have molded me into who I am today. Someone who cares more about unity than separation and who values exchange across borders and heart connections beyond nationality.

Since I was teenager I collected fabrics from around the world. I was lucky to travel internationally with both my family and the fencing team I was a part of, and my favorite souvenirs to bring home where textiles and indigenous body adornments. To this day, I dress in a way that is truly my own style and an expression of my diverse make-up. I love to design and sew clothing, for myself and others as well as sharing style and decor inspirations.

And so this is what Conversations Françaises is all about: an opportunity to sit together, eat some croissants and discuss all things francophone, style or joie de vivre, while deepening your knowledge of the French language. Bienvenue!

We Came, We Laughed, We Hand-Printed Gorgeous Textiles!

A group of women ready to express themselves creatively gathered on Saturday, May 14, 2016 in Studio One Eleven, in the heart of the Santa Barbara, Ca Funk Zone.

Here's a 2mn slideshow of the workshop. Enjoy!

I had been prepping up for this workshop for several weeks and the morning of, the elevated energy was palpable as each student walked in... and also quite audible as Krishna Das was belting out his devotion to the God of Love :) I led everyone through a short inner journey of connecting with their personal heart essence, as we united into the One Heart of our focused intention to make Beauty and have fun together.

And that is just what we did! The atmosphere was joyous and a real sense of community prevailed as the ladies exchanged inspiration and the found objects we were using to hand print on fabrics. Some created scarves, others wall hangings, skirts and curtains. All dove straight into the creative process, guided by their heart and flowing with the curiosity of discovering what would appear on the fabric. We had decided to let go of any attachment to outcome and to allow ourselves to receive the guidance of our muse, from moment to moment.

The result was simply beautiful! Each student created 2-3 pieces, each different, and all very harmonious to the eye. The patterns were diverse and revealed the unique expression of each personality. At the beginning of the workshop, I had briefly spoken about Sacred Geometry, pointing to the poster that I had drawn of the basic shapes of nature, and some of the ladies drew inspiration from it, creating spirals, and Vesica Piscis.

I am delighted at both the finished pieces and the wonderful time we had together. I am receiving  very positive and happy feedback about the event, and so the next one is already in the works. Stay tuned and sign up for email updates to be informed first!