Conversations Françaises

Inspiring Lessons For Jetsetters Who Want To Get Fluent In French



Imagine this... You and I are sitting at a pâtisserie, sipping on chocolat chaud, engaged in a captivating tête-à-tête (pretending we’re in Paris). Our lively exchange is revolving around your favorite topics: les voyages, les cultures, le style en vogue, l’art, le cinéma… all in French!

You’re communicating with a native (an actual human, no robotic app voice). You're acquiring la cadence naturelle of French speech. All while having fun and savoring un croissant!

You’re solidifying your French-speaking skills as you deepen your familiarity with la culture française. You're becoming confident in expressing yourself and connecting with les parisiens.

Just In time for your next trip to la Ville Lumière, that art retreat in Provence, or maybe the country canal cruise of your dreams!



  • Are planning a trip to France

  • Have déjà vus of leisure strolls perusing antique books along the banks of La Seine…

  • Are hearing your heart’s call for inspiration and Joie de Vivre

  • Might be longing for friendships forged while studying à la Sorbonne, want to brush up on your French and delight in exchanging in French…

Beyond conversing with ease dans the language of Molière, you seek a connection with the world and its diverse offerings. You long to break away and explore new territories. Taste unusual foods. Have story-worthy experiences. You are ready for a breath of fresh air to enliven your sense of wonder and nourish your creativity!

To see Paris and die… Your dream has been waiting for you!



  • I was born in Strasbourg, France. When I was five, my family moved to Guadeloupe, my mother’s French Caribbean native island. Along with my Hungarian father and younger sister, we traveled often. We discovered the Americas and spent many summers on road-trips across Europe.

  • I speak French, English, Creole and Spanish as well as some Portuguese and Hungarian. I was an official translator for various International Fencing tournaments.

  • I'm trained in the Dartmouth Method and was a French tutor to evening business students. I have also taught French through songs and drawing to children. Teaching through real life conversations brings me joy!

  • I’m passionate about connecting cultures across man-made barriers. Just like you, I thrive on artistic expression, adventure and widening my perspective of the globe!


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”. - Saint Augustine

Conversations Françaises Rates & Booking


Private Sessions:

  • 45 minutes each, in-person* or online

  • Introductory Session Price: $77

  • Discounted Series Prices:

    • Series of 5 = $355 (Save $30)

    • Series of 10 = $699 (Save $78 or 1 free session).

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Group Sessions:

  • French Social Exchange, $15

  • Monthly Event - Next date:

    • Sunday 9/22, 10/14, 11/17, from 6 to 7:30pm

    • Yoga Soup, 28 Parker Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

    • Registration:



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