Heart Royality™: Living in the Reality that Is Being Created

by Your Sovereign Heart, in this Here and Now.

Entrainement with this frequency activates the Integration of your Whole Self and the Expression of your Unique Creative Essence. This Rising of The Inner Sun allows you to access Clarity and the Power of Conscious Choice. As you discover Sacred Union Within, you also Experience Unity with All of Life.

This is for the ones ready to see the light.
To feel the joy.
To be in harmony.
For those ready to welcome clarity into every part of their life.
Ready to embrace creative energy into every part of their being.
To become Light-er.
Bright as sunlight and light as a feather.
Connection. Laughter. Health. Gratitude. Power. Truth. Presence. Abundance.
Your Heart. Your Life. Your Reality.
Full of de-light.
Are you ready to experience the Royality of your own Heart?

A Heart Royality™ Session has no set agenda and unfolds according to the Highest Good For All. It is a time in space that is open-hearted, open-minded and open-ended. In full Present Moment Awareness, Breath Energy circulates freely and powerfully through Body, Mind and Heart. As a result, blocks are dissolved, wisdom surfaces, creative solutions are revealed, and transformation occurs. This shift takers place as you naturally and effortlessly elevate onto the frequency of Heart Royality™ offered to you, from my Heart to your Heart.

What is Heart Royality™? It is the practice of living in the Reality that is being created by your Sovereign Heart, in the this Now moment. This energy has also been called Life Force, Chi, Prana, Kundalini, Divine Love or Creative Energy. Because this power emanates from the Heart and generates the Reality we experience, I call it Heart Royality™.

Benefits that people report experiencing during and after their a Heart Royality™ Session:

  • Developing a relationship with your own Heart and your True Self, based in Love, Respect and Authenticity

  • Learning to Live with Your Heart as Leader of your life as your filed is being imprinted with this vibration

  • Breathing deeply, with ease, and Being Present

  • Deeply Rooting into the Earth and Connecting with all of the Realms of Nature

  • Receiving Clear Guidance from your Higher Self

  • Discovering the Gift of Your Uniqueness and Becoming Whole

  • Opening the Channel for Creative Energy to flow through you and Experiencing Joy

  • Connecting the Dots, Seeing the Big Picture of Your Life and Aligning with your Highest Good

  • Becoming Aware of your Freedom and the Power you always have to Choose, in this Moment, etc.

The path I share is the one I travel day to day and embody in my personal lifestyle. It is rooted in fulfilling my truest creative expression and emanating the joy that fills my Heart.

Would you like me to guide you in creating your unique Heart Royality™? Contact me here.