I Am Auna Salomé, The Heart Royality Creatrix.


Energetic + Creative Process

I am a Heart Field Entrainer and a Creator, a creative entrepreneur with Life as my art. I practice living from the Heart and taking forward-moving action from the direction I receive internally. I call this Heart Royality, the process of putting my Sovereign Heart in the driver seat and discovering the landscape that is revealed to me while on this joy ride, and experiencing it as my Reality. My intention is rooted into The Highest Good Of All. The main focus of my Heart Royality is Breath (of Fire) + Health (of Gold) + Wealth (of Joy).

My creative process consists in generating images and words that translate my personal philosophy while transmitting the energetic frequency of my Heart Royality. My creations are rooted into the Sacred Geometry of The Divine Design and assist in shifting from duality into the oneness of Sacred Union within.

This self-illuminated high vibration is infused into everything I do: photography, painting, writing, illustration, embroidery, collage, printmaking, textile design, talismans. By viewing/wearing my creations, people are able to powerfully tune into the frequency of their own Heart, thereby accessing their inner wisdom and receiving clear guidance about their life and purpose. Furthermore, this transmission activates their creative power, allowing them to tap into their creativity and express it authentically in every area of their life. The clarity and inspiration they gain in the process translates into concrete steps to move forward on the path of their Highest Good.

Thus, I teach/demonstrate/share the How To of Heart Royality, via tools, art and books.


I am forever inspired by the luscious natural environment of the Antilles islands where i grew up and my choice of colors and textures is rooted in the native bright exotic blooms and tropical foliage. The ocean is my spiritual home and I consider myself a daughter of Yemanjah, the Orisha of the Sea. 

I am always experimenting with new ways to express my ideas, mix materials and juxtapose unexpected colors. My favorite process consists in taking photos, printing them, then painting over in gouache and finally adding embroidery. Creating Heart Portraits is my way to share the authentic energy I reveal in my subject, and the truth of their Heart.

Auna Salomé, you are one of the purest “Medicine Women” I know. You are radiant with Light, magical. Being a natural healer can’t begin to describe your ability.
When my Heart is crying out and I am in need, while sitting in your presence, you stream and weave Light from your Heart to mine, softening my imbalance and intensity.
Your ability supersedes all known healing techniques. You are a Divine Alchemist. One of The Ancient Ones.
With my own spiritual eye, I saw you reach right through the dimensions, accessing a Gold Ray and infusing my flower essence. Upon taking the essence it soothed my emotional body, thereby inviting my mind to come to rest so that I might catch my breath, allowing what my Heart wished for to manifest.
My world is a better place knowing you are in it. So many are in need of your care.
Love Always.
— Dr Frank Stainetti-


Born in Strasbourg, France, of a Hungarian father and French Caribbean mother, I grew up in France and Guadeloupe, French West Indies and have lived in the US since college. My multicultural family background also encompasses Mongolia, West Africa and South America. I am blessed to know my ancestral shamanic connections with these regions and carry forth this mystical lineage, integrating its healing power into my work. I consider myself a child of the Earth, making no separation between my various cultural/racial origins. I believe Love to be the ultimate Medicine.

 My background is in advertising, film/TV production and post-prod., photography and writing. I have worked for big corporate/entertainment companies: Young & Rubicam Detroit, Discovery Channel Latin America and HBO NY.

I have, in parallel, been a creative entrepreneur for many years: I founded film/video production companies in Guadeloupe and South Beach, FL. Later, I designed a line of organic clothing and bags in Brooklyn, NY. In Berkeley, CA, I trained as an Australian Blush Flower Essences certified advanced practitioner. I then moved to Santa Barbara, CA, in 2005 and became and energy healer and life coach.

My artistic education begun in 2000. I have studied with a wide range of art teachers, in New York, Berkeley and Santa Barbara, in media as varied as my eclectic interests. 

I love spending time with books, dance, travels, yoga and laughter, as often as possible in nature, and always in joy!