Talismans, Wearable Reminders of Your Inner Power


I have been creating power jewelry since I was a teenager. I would collect shells on the beaches of the island I grew up on, string them together and feel, when I wore my new necklace, that I carried with me the energy of the ocean.

I collected books about sacred objects and amulets long before I begun studying Energy, and as far as I can remember I have always had a special bracelet or necklace, at every period of my life, which I’d wear until it fell apart. Even today, I never leave my home without putting on the “right” piece that fits the frequency I am aligned with in the moment, and that helps me stay connected to the power that dwells within me, reminding me that my Heart is my Source, the well where I fill up with the all wisdom I need. 

A talisman, by definition is an object that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck. Any object can become a talisman, if created with a sacred energy and imbued with the intention that the wearer/owner will benefit from associating with the object.

Each power piece that I create, I infuse with the energy of The Highest Good For All. This frequency is high, pure and absolutely benevolent. What is Good for All is Good for One, and by making this my focus I access the realm of Unity Consciousness and transmit that vibration through the talisman.

Once the person who is meant to wear it acquires a talisman I created, they can choose to have me set in it a particular personal intention. This will bring the gift of the talisman from the general to the specific, and it now becomes a tool of great precision in creating the Reality of one’s Sovereign Heart, their Heart Royality. 

When you put on a talisman that has been consecrated with an energy emanating from your own Heart, it serves as a powerful reminder to live in integrity with your Soul. Every time you touch it, you remember, course-correct and realign with your Heart Royality. With time, you become less influenceable by the opinions, moods, or wants of others, and much more deeply attuned to your own desires, dreams and guidance.

I create new collections of talismans whenever I feel guided to do so, usually once every season. I also put together power pieces for commissions, which can be jewelry or works of art. Focused Energy will take over anything it is pointed towards. It is therefore very important that the energy of the jewelry you wear be clear, clean and high vibrational.

Become conscious of the frequency of your Heart, wear objects aligned with that vibration and experience life as a manifestation of your inner Truth, your Heart Royality!

New Moon + Sun in Scorpio, November 7 @ 8:01am PT


The Cosmic Flow

New Moon + Sun in Scorpio, November 7 @ 8:01am PT

As we ground into the Earth, anchor into our Heart and breathe in the silence of the Stars, we are connecting with the Cosmic Flow and opening up to receive essential energetics. This transmission is encoded with the information we need to steer our choices in the direction of our Highest Good in this Now.

This most powerful, magical, new moon reveals to us the depth of our psyche, dredging up the layers of silts accumulated on the ocean floor of our unconscious, to be sifted through, exposed and composted. This is a time of deep transformation offering the potential to open us up into a new dimension of our beingness, if we are willing and able to look at what is now rising to the surface of our awareness, however uncomfortable the experience might be.

What is required of us is simple, profound and, most likely, ego-distablising. As always, we have a choice, as Life is patient and will find its way into our reality. The issue here being personal Power, it is however to our advantage to be proactive and invite in the change already underfoot, by being an engaged participant in the alchemical process currently taking place.

This is meant to be an adventure, meaning that it is ok to feel like we do not know what’s coming next. Keep it simple. Keep it grounded in the moment. Keep it close to your heart by remaining focused on your own personal experience, as every person is observing the out-picturing of reality that best suits their growth.

Going on an adventure requires abandoning the need for a map and trusting that we will be guided, one breath at a time, in the direction of our Highest Good. When stepping blinding in such a fashion, it is best to turn on our inner light, to pay attention to signs and symbols, to look up often at the stars in the night sky and to listen intently for the clues we need. Spend time alone, in nature, at the foot of tree, in the company of birds. Unlikely messengers sometimes drop lyrics, hints, invitations or warnings. Be prepared to take notes. Be prepared to be surprised. Be prepared to be taken on a road you didn’t know existed.

Enjoy the journey of discovering a yet unchartered territory of your reality. Be bold, be brave and believe that the Mystery will deliver you to an inner treasure. This spiritual voyage into expanding our personal power is paved with joy, creativity and heart connection… seek easy and grace, delight in beauty, give thanks for the bounty and rejoice in having the ability to create your Life, one conscious choice at a time!

An Allegory of Life

A poetic accompaniment to this edition of the Cosmic Flow

Life as a creative process embodied. 

Life as the physical experience of frequencies, distorted, amplified, transmitted, always in the hope of connection across cosmic tundras. 

Life as the repeated risk taken again and again, blindly searching for an escape route out of the madness. 

Life as the summoning of astral forces to straighten bent-over hearts rendered deaf by over-exposure to broken records. 

Life as the slamming of doors, the burning of bridges, the slinging of terminational proclamations and the drowning of anchors. 

Life as the recognition of resonance, the acceptance of presence, the voicing of the unspeakable. 

Life as the partaking of stories, the making of promises, the holding of confidences. 

Life as the abandoning of fake safety, the teetering on the edge of the cliff, the searing sensation of shattered dreams shards cutting through the veil of self-imposed illusion. 

Life as the holding of hands across distance, the invocation of unseen support, the trusting of the earth as immense container. 

Life as a flowing golden river, as waves of strengthening reminders and new words to build new worlds. 

Life. Unfolding. Sending out cosmic ripples. Asking nothing but to be received. Openly. Fully. 

And then Life, delivering the unimaginable. Straight from the realm of the gods, handing over one’s own spirit, gilded in truth, steeped in joy, adorned with jewels excavated from the depths only reachable by those desperate to take just one more breath.

Full Moon in Taurus + Sun in Scorpio, October 24 @ 9:45am PT


The Cosmic Flow

Full Moon in Taurus + Sun in Scorpio, October 24 @ 9:45am PT

As we ground into the Earth, anchor into our Heart and breathe in the silence of the Stars, we are connecting with the Cosmic Flow and opening up to receive essential energetics. This transmission is encoded with the information we need to steer our choices in the direction of our Highest Good in this Now.

This October Full Moon is illuminating the always-available support of Nature to assist us in feeling our heightened emotions and learning how best to be present with what is surfacing from the depths of our beingness. We are being guided to walk or sit outdoors in quiet contemplation, breathing in the peace from our deep core.

What will be revealed to us is where we are being invited to step onto the path of the Unknown, and how to embrace unexpected turn of events that may show up in our experience. The key is to trust the wisdom of Life and Divine Timing. This is best done by focusing on one breath at a time. 

Our intuition points the way and our imagination helps ground emotions when we choose to engage our creativity. This is a good time to journal, garden, dance or simply play. Stay light on your feet by keeping the energies moving and taking inspired action. By remaining in the flow, we can be flexible and allow ourselves into the new chapter opening for our lives, however unconventional new circumstances may appear.

The personal questions that will help us move on from the phase we are completing and into a different reality pertain to our core values and desires.

Ask yourself, preferably in writing: What do I truly want? What do I value? What do I deeply need? What does my heart desire right now?

Delve into these in the contexts of your body, your mind, your heart, your work, your relationships, your resources and your environment.

As you dive into this self-inquiry, you may become aware of the manners in which you have been standing in the way of these requisites being fulfilled, how you might have pushed too hard or attempted to control certain outcomes. These realizations may fuel fresh choices, grounded in surrendering to your Highest Good, into a knowingness that Life is truly benevolent and that the Mystery is a force that works in your favor.

Beyond clarifying our values, this lunation brings us the potential for financial expansion as well as mental breakthroughs. The more we can slow our pace down and take stock of our current blessings, the more stable we will feel while we become conscious of our self-worth as the solid foundation for the transformation we are being ushered into.

Be patient with your beautiful self! Be kind and loving, treat your being as you would a blooming flower, precious and delicate, being simply brought into openness by nature,without any doing on its part. Trust and blossom! 

Equinox, Crystals and Heart Royality


A couple of days ago I was guided to clean up the crystal beings who live in my garden, in preparation for the upcoming Autumn Equinox (September 22), a pivotal astrological day to connect heart-to-heart with the Earth. As I was washing the quartz crystal in the photo, I noticed for the first time the rainbow that emanates from its center. I decide to bring it inside and keep it on my night stand. That evening it asked to be applied to my third eye. I have done so a few times since and have been having amazing experiences of clarity and full spectrum visioning!

The two huge rose quartz crystals in the background came into my life a decade ago in a most synchronistic way. They had been part of a larger rock that for years had traveled to many Native American ceremonies and was charged up with powerful heart healing energy. I was told that the crystal had recently asked to be broken up and shared. I received these two big chunks as well as many smaller ones that I gifted to my friends and clients. 

These pink beings have been instrumental in helping me develop a wonderfully strong relationship with my own heart. This connection has led over the years to the establishing of a through-line of communication along which inspired information is delivered from my Soul to my Head, via my Heart. This trusted exchange is now an everyday practice in my life and the foundation for all my choices- this is how I know the way to go in my daily affairs, the path to travel that is aligned with my personal Highest Good.

This way of living is what I now call my Heart Royality. It is the clear recognition that my Heart is the sovereign leader of my life and that, in the listening to its step-by-step guidance, the manifested reality that I experience unfolds.

Heart Royalty + Reality = Heart Royality ♥️👑 

We Came, We Laughed, We Hand-Printed Gorgeous Textiles!

A group of women ready to express themselves creatively gathered on Saturday, May 14, 2016 in Studio One Eleven, in the heart of the Santa Barbara, Ca Funk Zone.

Here's a 2mn slideshow of the workshop. Enjoy!

I had been prepping up for this workshop for several weeks and the morning of, the elevated energy was palpable as each student walked in... and also quite audible as Krishna Das was belting out his devotion to the God of Love :) I led everyone through a short inner journey of connecting with their personal heart essence, as we united into the One Heart of our focused intention to make Beauty and have fun together.

And that is just what we did! The atmosphere was joyous and a real sense of community prevailed as the ladies exchanged inspiration and the found objects we were using to hand print on fabrics. Some created scarves, others wall hangings, skirts and curtains. All dove straight into the creative process, guided by their heart and flowing with the curiosity of discovering what would appear on the fabric. We had decided to let go of any attachment to outcome and to allow ourselves to receive the guidance of our muse, from moment to moment.

The result was simply beautiful! Each student created 2-3 pieces, each different, and all very harmonious to the eye. The patterns were diverse and revealed the unique expression of each personality. At the beginning of the workshop, I had briefly spoken about Sacred Geometry, pointing to the poster that I had drawn of the basic shapes of nature, and some of the ladies drew inspiration from it, creating spirals, and Vesica Piscis.

I am delighted at both the finished pieces and the wonderful time we had together. I am receiving  very positive and happy feedback about the event, and so the next one is already in the works. Stay tuned and sign up for email updates to be informed first!

The Third Option

This is going to be quick. Because it is true. And therefore simple. And then of course, beautiful. Of the type of higher realm beauty that is seen with the Eye of the Heart. This truth is universal but only accessible by the mind that is ready to move beyond ordinary thinking and open up to divine intelligence.

There it is. Expressed it in a variety of ways, all meaning the same thing:

There is This or That. And there is This-And-That.

There is Duality, and there is Trinity.

There is Male and Female, and there is Wholeness.

There is Father and Mother, and there is The Child.

There is Right and Wrong, and there is Truth.

There is Oppositional Polarity and there is Unity.

There is Thesis and Antithesis, and there is Synthesis.

There is the Father and the Son, and there is the Holy Spirit.

There is You and Me and there is We.

There is Human or Divine, and there is The New Human. 

There is Head or Heart, and there is Living from the Heart.


That’s it. I am simply stating a fact. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

This Truth of The Third exists right now on 5D Earth.

Where minds are no longer at war but come together to birth soulutions.

Where Head and Heart are no longer in oppositional conflict but work together, the Head having realized the wise intelligence of the Heart and the Heart lovingly guiding the Head into doing what it does so marvelously well: think things through.

Many on Earth are living this truth today. Many more are accessing it everyday. Many many more will join in very soon, and begin living from their Heart, beyond the illusion of duality.

I call this way of living, Heart Magick, and I call forth those who know themselves as architect of the New Earth, constructing the new paradigm with their higher, heart-powered thinking. Together we form the Heart Magick Tribe. Together, as One, hearts forward, we are creating a brand new reality, grounded in Unity. And in Love, Joy, Creativity, Health, Abundance, and above all, in Peace.

The simple intention of inviting in the energy of The Third opens up a passageway for Grace/Love/Divine/Magick to come through, that Force that helps us rise above our conflicted humanity and resolve seemingly impossible issues by accessing the frequency of Miracles.

My son, now thirteen, used to say when he was about 5 and learning about geometry, that the Triangle is the strongest shape, because each side both leans upon and supports the other two. He would also call our family unit, The Trio Tribe. He would share memories of being an angel flying over the Egyptian pyramids. In the innocence of his early time on earth, still very connected to the realm he had come from, he was able to clearly see and expressed divine truth.

We are all tethered to the realm of the soul, and as we cultivate our relationship with our Heart and practice the art of presence, we embody our unique truth and bring forth a new energy into the world.

My greatest joy these days is to connect with those who make this way of living their focus. Thank you reading this, and for being a part of the Heart Magick Tribe. For shining your bright light. For daring to Be, no longer this or that, but All of You. Here and Now.

I Named My Heart Magick Bijoux After 18 Caribbean Islands

I just finished naming the 18 Heart Magick Bijoux that will be debuting in my new online boutique next week.

Each one is an original, one-of-kind, named after an island from the Lesser Antilles that I have visited.

This process has been very meaningful to my heart, and grounding too. I remembered how deeply I love the Caribbean, each island a world onto itself, with all these nations connected as one in spite of their different cultures and languages. 

I can feel how this influenced me as a little girl growing up in Guadeloupe, knowing that I had neighbors in islands I could see from my own home who didn't speak French but whom I still considered as relatives. We swam in the same turquoise sea and our ancestors had a shared recent history of oppression by Western Europeans. We also had in common a search for our true identity, grounded in our common heritage and rising into wildly creative individual expression.

From a purely artistic point of view, looking at the covers of a couple of books I flipped through to feel the Caribbean vibe before naming the pieces, I was powerfully reminded of how deeply I love the colors green and blue, in all their hues, together. Island and Ocean, forever present in my psyche, painting my inner landscape and coloring my creative choices.

The very first jewelry I created decades ago was when I lived in Guadeloupe, in the French West Indies, and it brings me great joy to pay homage to that magickal place on earth.