Full Moon in Taurus + Sun in Scorpio, October 24 @ 9:45am PT


The Cosmic Flow

Full Moon in Taurus + Sun in Scorpio, October 24 @ 9:45am PT

As we ground into the Earth, anchor into our Heart and breathe in the silence of the Stars, we are connecting with the Cosmic Flow and opening up to receive essential energetics. This transmission is encoded with the information we need to steer our choices in the direction of our Highest Good in this Now.

This October Full Moon is illuminating the always-available support of Nature to assist us in feeling our heightened emotions and learning how best to be present with what is surfacing from the depths of our beingness. We are being guided to walk or sit outdoors in quiet contemplation, breathing in the peace from our deep core.

What will be revealed to us is where we are being invited to step onto the path of the Unknown, and how to embrace unexpected turn of events that may show up in our experience. The key is to trust the wisdom of Life and Divine Timing. This is best done by focusing on one breath at a time. 

Our intuition points the way and our imagination helps ground emotions when we choose to engage our creativity. This is a good time to journal, garden, dance or simply play. Stay light on your feet by keeping the energies moving and taking inspired action. By remaining in the flow, we can be flexible and allow ourselves into the new chapter opening for our lives, however unconventional new circumstances may appear.

The personal questions that will help us move on from the phase we are completing and into a different reality pertain to our core values and desires.

Ask yourself, preferably in writing: What do I truly want? What do I value? What do I deeply need? What does my heart desire right now?

Delve into these in the contexts of your body, your mind, your heart, your work, your relationships, your resources and your environment.

As you dive into this self-inquiry, you may become aware of the manners in which you have been standing in the way of these requisites being fulfilled, how you might have pushed too hard or attempted to control certain outcomes. These realizations may fuel fresh choices, grounded in surrendering to your Highest Good, into a knowingness that Life is truly benevolent and that the Mystery is a force that works in your favor.

Beyond clarifying our values, this lunation brings us the potential for financial expansion as well as mental breakthroughs. The more we can slow our pace down and take stock of our current blessings, the more stable we will feel while we become conscious of our self-worth as the solid foundation for the transformation we are being ushered into.

Be patient with your beautiful self! Be kind and loving, treat your being as you would a blooming flower, precious and delicate, being simply brought into openness by nature,without any doing on its part. Trust and blossom!