Caribbean to Australia: My ReConnection To The Australian Bush Flower Essences


My childhood house was on top of a hill surrounded by sugar cane fields, seemingly reaching the ocean far off in the distance in the west. The night sky was dark with bright stars whose constellations my mother called out for me. Beyond the rainbow of hibiscus bushes hedging our property, I could see all the way to Basse-Terre, the other wing of this butterfly island, with its towering mountain chain covered in a dense lush tropical forest. Right next to our home, under a magnificent flamboyant tree, I had a “secret garden”. It was tiny and nestled in between the huge protruding roots of the tall tree that shaded us from the intense Caribbean sun. There I grew lemon grass, mint and succulents. I made tea from the herbs and I had a particular fondness for aloe vera, the all-healing plant. I already knew that the power to heal lays in ones' connection with the Earth, Heart-to-Heart.

In the late 90’s, when I lived in Miami Beach, FL, a friend introduced me to flower essences.Upon traveling to Australia in 1999 to meet Thalia and Kenzo, my newborn niece and nephew, I discovered the Australian Bush Flower Essences. This was a major turning point in my life. The spirit of this plant medicine spoke to me: I had found a natural tool that directly offers access to the healing vibration of the earth's Heart! This powerful earth remedy bridged my heart to the heart of the Aboriginese people and, by osmosis, I soaked in their 5,000 years of wisdom using the native plants to balance emotions. I knew without a doubt that I had been one of them before and that I was now home, remembering my plant allies, with great joy.

After the birth of my son in Brooklyn, NY, I moved to Berkeley, CA in 2003, and became an Advanced Certified Bush Flower Essences Practitioner. The knowledge came (back) to me very naturally, I was at ease speaking the language of the flowers and easily intuitively traced people's emotional unbalances in need of integration to their root source. I launched my practice by becoming my first patient, passionately working at healing lifetimes of issues of my body, mind and soul. I have since worked with countless people and witnessed healing take place in most magical ways, when the layers of illusions are burned through, and one’s radiance is revealed.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are the most radical vibrational catalyst for transformation I have experienced. I use them daily and share them widely. They can address the deeply personal needs of every individual, wether their issues are physical, mental, emotional, relational or spiritual. This plant medicine facilitates a shift in consciousness, often rapid and profound, opening a path for a miracle to take place, in alignment with the Highest Good for All.

I am showcasing my favorite remedies on my website, beginning with the Creative Essence.

Full Moon in Taurus + Sun in Scorpio, October 24 @ 9:45am PT


The Cosmic Flow

Full Moon in Taurus + Sun in Scorpio, October 24 @ 9:45am PT

As we ground into the Earth, anchor into our Heart and breathe in the silence of the Stars, we are connecting with the Cosmic Flow and opening up to receive essential energetics. This transmission is encoded with the information we need to steer our choices in the direction of our Highest Good in this Now.

This October Full Moon is illuminating the always-available support of Nature to assist us in feeling our heightened emotions and learning how best to be present with what is surfacing from the depths of our beingness. We are being guided to walk or sit outdoors in quiet contemplation, breathing in the peace from our deep core.

What will be revealed to us is where we are being invited to step onto the path of the Unknown, and how to embrace unexpected turn of events that may show up in our experience. The key is to trust the wisdom of Life and Divine Timing. This is best done by focusing on one breath at a time. 

Our intuition points the way and our imagination helps ground emotions when we choose to engage our creativity. This is a good time to journal, garden, dance or simply play. Stay light on your feet by keeping the energies moving and taking inspired action. By remaining in the flow, we can be flexible and allow ourselves into the new chapter opening for our lives, however unconventional new circumstances may appear.

The personal questions that will help us move on from the phase we are completing and into a different reality pertain to our core values and desires.

Ask yourself, preferably in writing: What do I truly want? What do I value? What do I deeply need? What does my heart desire right now?

Delve into these in the contexts of your body, your mind, your heart, your work, your relationships, your resources and your environment.

As you dive into this self-inquiry, you may become aware of the manners in which you have been standing in the way of these requisites being fulfilled, how you might have pushed too hard or attempted to control certain outcomes. These realizations may fuel fresh choices, grounded in surrendering to your Highest Good, into a knowingness that Life is truly benevolent and that the Mystery is a force that works in your favor.

Beyond clarifying our values, this lunation brings us the potential for financial expansion as well as mental breakthroughs. The more we can slow our pace down and take stock of our current blessings, the more stable we will feel while we become conscious of our self-worth as the solid foundation for the transformation we are being ushered into.

Be patient with your beautiful self! Be kind and loving, treat your being as you would a blooming flower, precious and delicate, being simply brought into openness by nature,without any doing on its part. Trust and blossom! 

Equinox, Crystals and Heart Royality


A couple of days ago I was guided to clean up the crystal beings who live in my garden, in preparation for the upcoming Autumn Equinox (September 22), a pivotal astrological day to connect heart-to-heart with the Earth. As I was washing the quartz crystal in the photo, I noticed for the first time the rainbow that emanates from its center. I decide to bring it inside and keep it on my night stand. That evening it asked to be applied to my third eye. I have done so a few times since and have been having amazing experiences of clarity and full spectrum visioning!

The two huge rose quartz crystals in the background came into my life a decade ago in a most synchronistic way. They had been part of a larger rock that for years had traveled to many Native American ceremonies and was charged up with powerful heart healing energy. I was told that the crystal had recently asked to be broken up and shared. I received these two big chunks as well as many smaller ones that I gifted to my friends and clients. 

These pink beings have been instrumental in helping me develop a wonderfully strong relationship with my own heart. This connection has led over the years to the establishing of a through-line of communication along which inspired information is delivered from my Soul to my Head, via my Heart. This trusted exchange is now an everyday practice in my life and the foundation for all my choices- this is how I know the way to go in my daily affairs, the path to travel that is aligned with my personal Highest Good.

This way of living is what I now call my Heart Royality. It is the clear recognition that my Heart is the sovereign leader of my life and that, in the listening to its step-by-step guidance, the manifested reality that I experience unfolds.

Heart Royalty + Reality = Heart Royality ♥️👑